Garden Line and Garden Email

Garden Line

Please Call Us!  We are here to help!  970-400-2089

You may be asked to leave a detailed message.  A  Weld County Colorado Master Gardener will return your call.

Garden Email

You can email your questions and pictures to us at  When you email us with pictures about your issue, we can more easily find a research based solution for you.


Information which Colorado Master Gardeners may need when helping you diagnose a problem:

  • What are the symptoms? What is the damage?
  • Right Plant, Right Place?
  • What type of soil?
  • Soil Preparation?
  • Fertilizers?
  • Compacted?
  • Aerated?
  • Drainage?
  • Construction Damage?
  • How much water is the plant getting?
  • Water quality?
  • Drainage?
  • What has happened differently for this plant compared to previous years?