CMG Application Process

Applications are available for the Spring for the 2017 year.

CMG programs operate at the county level, with primary support from the county government.  Applicants should apply to their home county; those whom apply to the Weld County CMG program must complete their volunteer hours in Weld County.

  • To receive an application for the Weld County Colorado Master Gardener Program, call or email Amy Lentz at the Weld County Extension Office or click on CMG/CGC Application.


  • The Weld County CMG will have Day classes from January through March on Fridays.  The Weld County CMG application process for the Spring day classes starts now and applications are due to the Weld County Extension Office by October 28, 2016. 
      • 2017 CMG program training cost:  $170.00 (tuition) + $113.46 (cost of book) or $170.00 (tuition) + $90.76 (cost of 6 month E-Book) or $113.46 (cost of E-Booth with no expiration date).
      • Colorado Gardening Certificate Training cost: $530.00 (tuition) + $113.46 (cost of book) or $530.00 (tuition) + $90.76 (cost of 6 month E-Book) or $113.46 (cost of E-Booth with no expiration date).  
      • The application requires information regarding your background in gardening, previous volunteer experience, general availability for volunteer work, a background check, three references, and a signed contract committing to a minimum of 50 hours volunteer work to be completed in the first year of volunteering.
      • Preliminary screening will be off the application form;  primary considerations are based on:
            • interest in volunteer work, availability for volunteer work, people skills (ability to assist Extension in home horticultural educational efforts), and gardening  experience
            • a background check through CSU
            • a reference questionnaire will be sent to the references you provide to us
  • Submit a completed CMG application to the Weld County Extension Office, 525 N. 15th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631 or email to Amy at by the application deadline:  October 28, 2016.