Colorado Master Gardener vs. Colorado Colorado Gardener Certificate


Colorado Master Gardener (CMG)-

Is a registered service mark of Colorado State University Extension.  It is used to identify volunteers serving in an official CSU Extension activities.  It may not be used to infer credentials or otherwise imply endorsement of a private business.  It may not be used on marketing materials of a business.

Participants must apply to become a CMG volunteer.  Once accepted to the program, participants must complete a minimum of 50 hours of CMG volunteer service.  For Spring of 2017, the fee for the CMG training is $170.


Colorado Gardener Certificate (CGC)-

Is used by students who have completed the CMG/CGC training in situations where they are not representing Colorado State University Extension as a volunteer.  The Colorado Gardener Certificate may be displayed in a place of business and used in business marketing.

Participants in this training do not have a volunteer commitment, thus there is a higher fee for this program.  For Spring of 2017, the fee for the CGC training is $530.


**All Colorado Master Gardener trainees who successfully complete the CMG training will receive the Colorado Gardener Certificate.